Making Wishes on the Rain in Cairo

Yesterday, for just a few short minutes, it rained.

In many parts of the world, rain is nothing unusual. In Cairo, rain is rare. In a year, the city might see one inch of rain, total. Rain falling here is an event.

In my office, everyone stopped what they were doing to stand on the balcony and watch. We reached out our arms to feel the thin droplets, barely visible through the still-shining sun, and one of my office-mates said to make a wish.

Rain in Cairo is like a falling star.  A singularity. Something to wish on.

We all made our wishes. For the future of the country. For the elections, happening so soon. For a peaceful transition from military power. For Egypt to be able to bloom.


One thought on “Making Wishes on the Rain in Cairo”

  1. Ellie and I ran to the balcony to watch the rain too. The best bit was watching the children on the oppostie balcony reaching out then wiping their faces with their wet hands.

    I reached out my hand too… but took it back in covered with brown spots, like liquid age spots… I wouldn’t be washing my face with Cairo rain, thats for sure!

    It’s hard for me, from Scotland, to imagine what people here feel like when they see rain. Perhaps they get excited about it just as I used to get excited about a warm sunny Scottish day. (not quite as rare as rain in Cairo, but not far off!)

    Great blog!

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