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  1. Hello, I am reading your information about renew the tourist visa in Mogamma.
    My problem is I need a certificate of the Mohamma because I want to travel to Spain from Egypt and will be the first time I travell out Egypt.
    Do you have information of this tramit?

      1. Hi it’s Mohamed from England I’ve been in Egypt for nearly four weeks next Wednesday I’m on a tourist visa but I unsend to stay here for a few months I have found a teaching job plz tell me how to go about this thanx

        1. Hi Mohamed,

          If you’ve found a teaching job, ask the agency that you’ll be working with about any help that they can provide with visa extensions. Good luck!

  2. Hello Laura,
    your such a helpful person and id like to take the moment to thank you beforehand.

    I’m a US Citizen, I plan to travel to Cairo Egypt February 12, 2019 and stay until March 30, 2019. I understand this goes past the “single entry visa max stay! Since it’s roughly about 48 days. My question to you is will I still have to go throughout this visa extension process in Mogamma? Since I Plan to stay 17-18 days after the 30 days maximum stay.

    Thanks so much I appreciate the time your taking to read this.

    1. Hi Mia,

      In this case, you can either go through the renewal process or pay a small penalty at the airport when you leave. If you’re staying in Cairo, you can do either, but if you’re planning to be traveling around Egypt after your visa has expired I would really recommend renewing it– it will save you hassle in case of random passport checks.



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